Thursday, October 9, 2008





Who really wrote this song? 

Just what happens when the media gets the wrong information? Before I start about the election I will use first, as an example, the case in question of Unchained Melody. Who really wrote it?

Yes, it is really important for you to read all of this case because I have a point to make here. The media is often so distorted that the truth is out there and no one can say for sure what it is.

So, which man really wrote Unchained Melody? We will start with this and then end up with the current election. Trust me, just one time on this.

The problem is...both men who lay claim to the song are both deceased and can't speak up at all! The hoax, created by someone, should be once and for all resolved, but who will be big enough to take the fall?

Wliiam Stirrat says he wrote it under the pen name Hy Zarit. Wikipedia says Hyman Zaritsky wrote it and William Stirrat is not the author. MSNBC says Hy Zaret (spelled another way now) died at the age of 99 on July 2, 2007. The Internet says that William Stirrat (pen name Hy Zarit) died on July 2, 2004. Round and round she goes and where she stops...nobody knows?

What ever happened to accurate media? It gets worse people. It is happening in this election. And it's probably the most historical and important election of all time.

First, I will address the author in question of the song in question...or something like that. (to follow up in media fashion) Then I'll get on with the election and end this point by showing you a clear picture of what media confusion does to readers who are trying to educate themselves in world matters or make a decision in an election.

My opinion, though in your opinion may not be worth much, is that Hyman Zaritksy and Alex North co-authored it for the film "Unchained" but the media is still writing confused versions of who did what. Perhaps they allowed the misinformation to carry on because it promoted the work. No harm done there, but now that the recent death of the supposed true artist has come about...the misinformation is becoming a distortion of truth.

Is this fair?

Is it even important?

How long do we have to put up with this media madness?

But just check out the evidence below and you will eventually become as confused as the mass media. Just scroll on down. The Internet and references to news medias have article after article of stories that conflict on who wrote "Unchained Melody."  The above romantic combination of photos of the 50's, supposedly of William Stirrat who claims the alias of Hy Zaret as a pen name also claimed to have written the one hit wonder and published it in his local newspaper. 

Wikipedia, however, has given the full credit to Hyman Harry Zaritsky.  The claim to fame may not seem important and imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when it comes to accuracy of news--well, the truth should be known. 

William Stirrat was said to have died on July 2, 2004.  Ironcially Hy Saret (spelled different from Wikipedia) dies on July 2, 2007 being almost one hundred years old, according to a report by MSNBC.(see Wikipedia for more references and more confusion)

Who really did what, and with whom?  Come on people! Give both men a RIP for they are both gone and can't answer that.  If you look up both men on the Internet you will find web sites that claim William Stirrat is the author and that he used Hy Zaret as a pen name..  Then on another will see the famous Hy Zaret claiming to have written it for the film, Unchained and Alex North listed as co-author. And he's no longer with us so we will not continue on him.  The song was nominated an Academy Award for best song...or was it?  

Why would Stirrat go to so much trouble?  Why did the Stirrats die on the same day but two years apart?  Hello?

As a contributor to Wikipedia, I can assure anyone that whatever is submitted to Wikipedia is mercilessly investigated, edited, nit-picked, thrown out, redirected, threatened to delete,re-entered under new headings, and tossed around until it is agreed by a multitude of editors that it is, at last, where it should be, and reads exactly as it should read.  But does even that still make it right in this case?  With their editing there is no margin for error left.  But then...Wikipedia hangs a questionable sign on it at this point.  At least there should be a documentary explaining this delimma.

Back to the case or point in question...WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MEDIA GETS THE WRONG INFORMATION?

Look at the example above of the research on Unchained Melody. Do you see anything wrong with that picture or does that just belong in the X-Files?

How long do we have to put up with this media madness?

Are you starting to see where all of this can lead?

If you can't, go to the bone-yard and pick up another domino.